Alkaline Eating For Recovery

Alkaline Eating For Recovery
A Healthy Plate Of Cheery Goodness

When someone has been diagnosed with a serious disease they may have heard about others who have regained recovery by choosing a recovery eating plan?  According to META-Medicine it’s important to get the inner physiology as well as they outer well-being aspects of your system into a recovery mindset so-to-speak.

And the dietary aspect can be reached by alkalising the internal system, because according to the Two Phases Of Disease, the first stress phase has us reaching for the high energy quick-fix foods that are acidic by nature, but the second phase (where the symptoms arrive) can be helped enormously by alkalising the body, which slows the system down and encourages recuperation.

But be warned this can make the body very sleepy and if already quite poorly (dependent on the current lifestyle and types of foods contained in your diet) a radical change could be too much, and set you back further, therefore a cautious approach is highly recommended.

Instead of jumping in head-first you might begin by introducing some of the foodstuffs shown below, gradually integrating an alkaline eating system into your daily regime, over a period of weeks or months. See below the Food Table if you are not seriously ill and want to get your system back on an even-keel.

Why Am I Sick

The mainstay of this is taken from Richard Flook’s book Why Am I Sick Chapter 12 – Vitality, Food And Drugs:

Alfalfa grass Almonds Artichokes Asparagus
Avocado (hass) Banana (unripe) Barley grass Borage oil
Cabbage (fresh) Caraway seeds Carrot Cauliflower
Cayenne pepper Celery Cherry (sour) Chives
Coconut meat (fresh) Coconut water Comfrey Cucumber (fresh)
Cumin seeds Dandelion (greens) Endive (fresh) Evening primrose oil
Fennel seed Flaxseed oil French beans Fresh red beetroot
Garlic Green cabbage Kamut grass Lemon
Lentils Lettuce Lima beans Lime
Linseeds Marine lipides Navy beans Olive oil
Onion Peas (ripe) Red radish Sesame seed
Sorrel Soy bean sprouts Soy flour Soy lecithin (pure)
Soy nuts Soy beans (cooked) Spinach Sprouted radish seeds
Summer black radish Swede Tofu Tomato (fresh)
Wheat grass White beans White cabbage White radish

The above table was compiled from the book The pH Miracle by Robert and Shelley Young

Allowing The Body To Resume Normal Service

However, if you are not seriously ill, but want to use this method in tandem with clearing some of the emotional stuff that holds you back from eating normally then it may still make you tired with erratic sleeping patterns.

Alkaline Eating For Recovery
Brimming With Health And Vitality

But after a couple of weeks, that should pass and after a couple of months on this eating method your system should be free of the cravings and help you run your life with far less stress driving you between The Two Phases Of Disease.

And one of the positive side-effects you may just enjoy is a reduction in weight, because this will lose body fat, re-energise the system and clear the head.

I’m going to order a copy of The pH Miracle myself and if you want to join me in reading and implementing the ideas then it would be great to share experiences.

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  1. Yena says:

    Alkaline diet can be very useful to anyone who do a lot of work. It gives you energy and much more strength to fight stress all day long and even for a month as long as you have a daily intake of this alkaline thing. It’s probably the ultimate solution to fight stress and illness that may strike you out. So have m ore of it and enjoy it’s detoxifying effect for it is in a form of water.

  2. Janie says:

    Hi Yena

    Think you’re right about the Alkaline Eating Plan being helpful when working on something specific as seems one of the easiest ways of giving the body the maximum of input for a minimum of effort.

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