Average Weight

Average Weight
Stress And Overwhelm In The 21st Century

Spring is in the air (cue music) and it’s that time of year when clothes become even more topical, scanty clothing in particular and if the thought of it makes you want to run and hide then you might just want to read on.

If you want to get to the root of being overweight then one of the first things to stop is ‘dieting’ because in recent times study after study have shown that dieting is the best way to put weight on, when measured over 2-5 yrs from commencement of a ‘dieting’ plan.

Have You Tried Everything

It goes on to state that diets fail around 78% of the population and if you’ve tried one (or more) and it hasn’t worked then you’re likely to be in that number. This is because when they work it’s usually because those people that make lasting lifestyle changes get-serious and keep it up long-term, and they’ve found they often do it ‘first time’.

These are scary statistics when you think about how much we still believe that when a diet hasn’t worked for us it must be our fault. Yet who could blame anyone for caving in when it comes to denying yourself something you love, in fact a Food Psychologist is likely to tell you that it’s a good way of having the opposite effect anyway.

So now you can relax in the knowledge that it’s NOT your fault at all, but once you’ve recovered from that you might want to know what else you can do.

People Overeat For Many Reasons

  • because they got into a habit one time when things were particularly tough
  • because that’s how family always dealt with ‘feelings’
  • because you can’t help yourself – the urge is too great
  • because you’re caught on the roller-coaster of delight and dismay
  • because ‘that’s just how it is’ right?

But however it started, you weren’t born with it which means you can ‘unlearn’ the behaviour too which is really good news, because almost all conditions, whether it’s pain, disease, even ‘bad’ habits can be changed for the better, once you understand the ‘know-how’.

Are you ready to take the challenge and unlearn yours? Have you had enough of ‘trying’ yet another eating plan that failed miserably, has it left you feeling more fed up than ever, or perhaps you’ve given up all hopes of a ever reversing this?

The Aspects

Average Weight
Eating Out With The Children

If you want to take a different approach then the tools and techniques you’ll learn here will work in a different way to uncover whatever it is that’s been holding you back. They are empowering and in time you’ll become your own expert, All you have to do is decide what you want to change, such as:

  • Food cravings?
  • Unhealthy eating?
  • Over-eating patterns at certain times of day?
  • When in control with food something else pops out of control?
  • The drivers behind all of the above?
  • An accompanying disease that runs alongside?li>

The Options

There is an opportunity to address your weight issues in a variety of ways, and you can chose the most suitable to fit in with your life and time restraints as follows:

  • Accountability Coach: Where you’re already motivated but would like someone to keep you on-track when tempted (Checking in weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you decide)
  • Email Membership: Learning a range of tools (through email) to get you where you want to be (26-wks)
  • Group Sessions: Meeting up once a week, applying a range of tools to the general issues around all of the above aspects (12-wks)
  • One-to-one Coaching Programme: Tailored to your needs meeting up once a week/fortnight to release the underlying issues (5-9-sessions)

If any of this sounds familiar and you really have had enough of trying systems that haven’t worked for you then please contact us here so you can arrange a chat with Jane.

Having a chat beforehand helps to find out what’s been going on and what you feel you need to move you towards obtaining your goals, in order to finally get that weight off and start living your life just as you’ve wanted.

So no more excuses lol! It’s time to weed out the old roots so you can plant the beginnings of a new you with all that unexplored potential.

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A Health Practitioner & Trainer who spent decades searching for her own answers-to-questions, Jane draws from a continual integrative learning and application of the most cutting-edge technologies in how-we-tick. She supports clients through weight-related disease, overeating, changing shape, hormonal health, mood swings and pain. Jane also runs accredited trainings, workshops, gives presentations, and publishes articles.

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