Breakthrough sessions are great when you're ready to make some significant change and want to work face-to-face as well as having the benefits of experiencing the NES miHealth treatment in tandem with the META-Healing Process. This takes place over 3-hrs (with a break if needed) or 6-hrs (with a break for lunch). This will really catapult you … Read On ...


Food Craving Workshops

Here at Kick the Dieting Habit it's important to share what lies behind weight gain, changing relationships with food and finding your desired body shape. I wonder if this has ever happened to you? You signed up for a weight loss programme and so many weeks, months or years down the line, you were either signing up for another one, vowing … Read On ...


Silver Coaching

This allows you to identify the triggers that you may have learned through family, socially, at work, or life partners, which have tied you into certain foods and behaviours that won't go away no matter what. Who Is It For? This is especially suitable for those without chronic disease symptoms , because it enables you to get back-on-track in … Read On ...